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9th Grade: Lilli Pastrana

10th Grade:  Jo Davie

11th Grade: Christina Perpetua

12th Grade:  Angela Nelson


PHONE NUMBER:  916-714-8150


Types of Absences

a.  Excused:  Absences due to illness, doctor, or dental appointments, and death in the immediate family.

b.  Unexcused:  Absences due to truancy, flat tires, running out of gas, missing the bus, oversleeping, etc.

c.  Absences due to suspension from school will be considered unexcused absences.

Excused Absence Procedures

1.  All students have five (5) school days to clear their absence(s) for the school's attendance records, beginning on the day they return to school.

2.  Students who do not clear their absence(s) with the 5 days will be considered truant from school.

3.  A medical verification may be required upon return to school. A medical verification will be required on all excessive leave of grounds or late to school. (5 per term).

Tardy Policy and Consequences

Habitual tardiness (three or more in a given class per term) will result in parent notification and administrative disciplinary action. The following policy regarding tardiness has been instituted at Franklin High School.

a.  All students are expected to be in class in their assigned seats when the bell rings. If they are not, they will be considered tardy.

b.  During first period, students who enter the classroom after the tardy bell are considered tardy/late.

c.  It is the students' responsiblity to clear the tardy, by showing the teacher an excused readmit form signed by a school office staff member.

d.  Beginning wtih a student's 3rd tardy, teachers may assign OCD for the period or After School Detention which must be served within the next 48 hours.

e.  During the school day, students who enter the classroom after the tardy bell, with an appropriate pass signed by a school staff member, will be admitted to class without penalty.

f.  The campus supervisors will conduct occassional "tardy sweeps"  of the campus after the tardy bell rings.  Students who are out on campus after the bell without an appropriate pass, regardless of their tardy history, will be assigned an after school detention by a Vice Principal.

Tardy Consquences

Tardy to assigned class during a nine-week term (per class/per term):

First and Second Tardy: Teacher warns student

Third and Fourth Tardy:  Teacher issues student either On Campus Detention for the period or an After School Detention to be served within 48 hours. The teacher notifies the parent with a phone call or follow up letter.

Fifth or more Tardies:  Teacher refers the student to the appropriate Vice Principal to be issued a Saturday School. The student is then issued OCD for the remainder of the period.  The Vice Principal notifies the parent.


A truancy is any "unexcused absence"  or un-cleared absence.  The consequence for students who are truant are listed below:

1st Truancy:  Saturday school and parent notification

 2nd Truancy:  Saturday school and parent notification 

3rd Truancy:  Saturday school and Attendance letter #1 mailed (1st step in School Attendance Review Board (SARB process)

4th and 5th Truancy (Repeat Truant):  Referral to Vice Principal/Student Conference and Saturday school

6th Truancy (Habitual Truant): Referral to Vice Principal and Saturday school  ...loss of extra-curricular activities, Attendance letter #2 mailed (SARB process)

7th Truancy:  Saturday school and Attendance letter #3 mailed (SARB hearing)


Davie, Jo
School Clerk 2 - 10th Grade Attendance
Nelson, Angela
School Clerk - 12th Grade Attendance
Pastrana, Lilli
School Clerk - 9th Grade Attendance
Perpetua, Christina
School Clerk - 11th Grade Attendance